Workplace Services

Virginia Mason's workplace services specialists in Seattle help employees with health problems return to work safely, confidently and as quickly as possible.

Disability Management
Virginia Mason has developed customized services to help manage the disability component of workers' compensation claims. Limiting the duration of the disability produces significant cost savings. Rehabilitation providers also team with other Virginia Mason specialists in areas such as neurology, ophthalmology and psychiatry, to provide integrated team evaluation and treatment.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call our workplace (206) 625-7249.

Injury Prevention Programs
Sometimes injuries or ergonomic challenges are specific to your industry or to a particular work area. We can help you develop customized programs to reduce injuries and promote safe working practices.

Job Analysis
Our experts can describe and measure the specific work tasks, physical demands and environmental conditions of a given job, providing the documentation you need to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act and to assist an injured employee's return to work.

Specialized Treatment Programs
Our specialists understand the personal needs and workplace impacts of both acute and chronic conditions. Virginia Mason has established a team of occupational health specialists who design customized treatment programs for on-the-job injuries

Work Conditioning Program
Work conditioning prepares an injured worker for the physical demands of a specific job. Our nationally certified program is closely supervised by rehabilitation specialists and promotes safe and early return to work.

Treatment is planned for a four-week period, five days per week, with an hour each day of occupational and physical therapy. Patients who work part-time or on modified duty will find it easy to participate in the program. Each patient is evaluated by a PM&R physiatrist, who manages the patient’s treatment during the program.

For more information about work conditioning services from our specialists in Seattle, or to schedule an appointment, call (206) 625-7249.

Workplace Ergonomics
We conduct a thorough examination of your work environment to make sure it is as safe as possible. Our occupational and physical therapists are ergonomic experts. They will examine equipment and workstations to determine that tasks are organized in the most efficient and effective way for employees. This can include everything from computer ergonomics to shop-floor lighting. Drawing from a wide range of services, we tailor our analysis to the specific needs of your industry.

For more information about our injury prevention and treatment services, call (206) 625-7249.