#VMoments Visual Guidelines

Photo submission requirements:

  • Submit a variety of photos (2-3)
  • High resolution jpeg format, at least 2000 pixel width or height
  • If photo is taken at Virginia Mason a photo consent form must be completed by the subjects in the photo, including all people in the background.
  • Any photo that represents unhealthy habits will not be considered.

Here are samples of the types of photos we are looking for. General guidelines include:

  • Full body shots, mid shots or wide angle shots. Outdoor photography is encouraged.
  • Simplify photo background elements to reduce clutter (background patterns, no plants coming out of people heads etc.)
  • Wear appropriate clothing with simple patterns and/or solid colors.
  • No obvious advertisements or logos prominently in the shot.
  • No photography including business names or logos.


Photos taken at Virginia Mason must include:

  • Appropriate and clean uniform
  • Neat badge displayed on the chest
  • Limit clutter and people in the background