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Recently, The Seattle Times went to court to have more than 400 cases unsealed for a series of articles about sealed court cases in King County. Two of the sealed cases involved Virginia Mason Medical Center and our patients.

Today’s Seattle Times includes an article on those two cases, focusing in particular on one case involving a lawsuit against the medical center.

This court case was sealed at the request of the patient’s family, in part to protect the identity of a minor and avoid revealing sensitive patient health and financial information. The patient’s family has since agreed to have the case unsealed. Virginia Mason cooperated fully with the Times reporter and also did not oppose the unsealing of the case.

While we are bound by our confidential relationships with our patients, we do want you to know that we disputed any wrongdoing.

At the time of the lawsuit we had the facts reviewed by outside experts in the relevant fields who supported the care that we provided. We also believed the care delivered was appropriate given the accepted medical knowledge at the time.

As you know, we’ve made a commitment to an open discussion of patient care and safety. However, we work in partnership with our patients and we will honor their requests for privacy.

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