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VM is the first medical center in the Pacific Northwest to partner with Emmi Solutions to provide web-based, multimedia educational programs to patients and visitors considering or preparing for a health procedure. Programs can be viewed from any computer as many times as needed, and shared with family and friends.

There are two ways patients and visitors can view an Emmi program:

  • Patients and visitors can self-register for programs through nine department sites on As many as 23 departments will have self-registration programs available by the end of Q2.
  • A clinician can recommend an Emmi program to a patient or family as part of discussion about a procedure or health condition. The clinician will then alert their support team that the patient needs a program scheduled, and an email will be sent with a link to a program.

Emmi programs that allow patients or visitors to self-register are available through these departments on Bariatric SurgeryGeneral Surgery, Gynecology, Heart Institute, Neuroscience InstituteOrthopedics, OtolaryngologyRadiation Oncology and Sleep Disorders.

View a demo at

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