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Virginia Mason learned today that a Seattle judge has granted a motion certifying a class action in a case involving Virginia Mason’s billing practices. This decision is not a ruling on the merits of this case.
Most of our downtown campus is licensed as a hospital (including the downtown clinic). Therefore, when a patient visits the downtown clinic, they are, in effect, visiting the hospital and are charged a hospital fee for some services.
This is a standard industry practice and is used by hospitals here and around the country. In fact, Medicare recognizes these charges as appropriate and permits reimbursement of hospital fees for outpatient services.
Certain procedures at our downtown hospital-based clinic may have a facility charge because portions of the downtown clinic are licensed as a hospital. As a result, it may cost more to get some services at our downtown hospital-based clinic than at a free-standing clinic.
We want our patients to understand our billing process. We welcome their questions and concerns. We have a team of financial counselors and financial services representatives available to answer questions patients have about billing.
Patients with billing questions can call our patient account specialists at (206) 223-6601 or (800) 553-7803.
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