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Virginia Mason Port Angeles has transitioned to the Olympic Medical Physicians Primary Care Clinic and the Olympic Medical Physicians Klahhane Clinic, both operated by Olympic Medical Center (OMC). This change took effect on May 1.

We are very pleased that a group of providers from Virginia Mason Port Angeles remain in the community to continue providing health care to residents in the Port Angeles area.

The family practice physicians practice at the main clinic located at 433 East 8th Street. This group includes Elizabeth Christian, MD; Michael Epler, MD; Larry Gordon, MD; Dan Hudgings, MD; William Kintner, MD; Jerome Oakes, MD; Roger Oakes, MD; Mark Redlin, MD; Richard VanCalcar, MD; Connie Walker, PA-C; and Deborah Wheeler, ARNP, MSN.

The internal medicine group practices at the Klahhane Clinic at 923 Georgiana Street. This group includes Mark Fischer, MD; Lexine Funston, ARNP; and Paul Pederson, MD.

Robert Gipe, MD, is continuing the Cardiac Device Clinic in Cardiac Services at Olympic Medical Center. He is no longer following patients in a primary care practice on an ongoing basis.

Gastroenterologist Chul-Hee You, MD, is part of the VM GI team and is practicing part time at Virginia Mason Lynnwood. In addition, he is considering continuing a GI practice in Port Angeles. At this time, we do not know the plans of cardiologist James Emery, MD. Many of the clinic staff members remain at the clinics or have moved into new positions at OMC.

We would like to thank the providers and staff at Virginia Mason Port Angeles for their dedication to patients. We appreciate the contributions they have made to Virginia Mason over the years. The entire Port Angeles area is lucky to have them in the community.

In addition, we would like to thank our former patients and the entire Port Angeles community for their concern and patience as we worked together to establish a new model for delivering health care in Port Angeles.

-- Patti Crome, RN, Senior Vice President and Clinic Administrator; Brian McDonald, MD, Chief of Satellites
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