Verify Insurance Coverage

Below is information for your insurance provider to verify your coverage benefits for services provided at Virginia Mason's Center for Integrative Medicine.

Most patients have insurance that covers acupuncture, massage and naturopathy, but policies vary widely on benefits related to these services. Because policies are often customized, we do not always know what your policy covers. 

Should your health insurance handbook not specifically address these policies and benefits, please contact your health insurance’s customer service department for policy and benefit verification. The customer service phone number is located on the back of your health insurance ID card.

Name of provider:

  • Astrid M. Pujari, MD (Integrative Medicine)
  • Lela D. Altman, ND, EAMP (Acupuncture/Naturopath)
  • Crystal Rose Tank, DAOM, EAMP (Acupuncture)

Tax Identification Number (TIN) for the CIM:

  • 83-1583223

Location Address:

  • Center for Integrative Medicine
    909 University St. Suite 133
    Seattle, WA 98101

When verifying with your insurance provider, please ensure you provide the name of the provider you are seeing, the TIN and the location address. If you have further questions please call (206) 341-1202.