Your Insurance Benefits

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Preparing for Your Visit

Please carefully read and understand your health care insurance policy’s coverage. Because insurance policies vary, we do not always know what your policy will pay. Some policies require co-payments, which will be collected when you check in for your appointment. Some policies require co-insurance, which will be billed to you once your insurance carrier has advised us of their payment and your responsibility. Some items or services are not covered by insurance.

For information about how your plan will process charges for a service provided, please contact your insurance company directly. Their customer service phone number is found on your insurance card.

Cancellation Notice

You may be charged a cancellation fee for missed appointments or procedures. If you are unable to arrive for a scheduled appointment with a provider, a 24 hour notice of cancellation is required or you may incur a missed appointment fee of $75. If you are unable to arrive for a scheduled procedure, a 72 hour advanced notice is necessary or you may incur a missed procedure fee of $300.

Co-payment Notice

Please be prepared to pay your insurance co-payment amount at the time you check in for your appointment. Patients who do not pay their co-payment may be assessed a standard processing fee of $35. The full amount of the co-payment must be paid in addition to the processing fee.