Symptoms of Stroke

“BE FAST” is good advice if your day job, like mine, is returning kickoffs. But did you know it’s also an easy way to remember the symptoms of a stroke?

B stands for Balance. Have there been any sudden changes in balance that are unexplained?

E stands for Eyesight. Has the person experienced any sudden changes in vision?

F is for Face. Does the person’s face look uneven or does it feel numb?

A is for Arm. Is there weakness or numbness on one side?

S stands for Speech. Can they speak clearly and repeat a sentence back to you?

T is for Time. Every second counts. If you see these stroke symptoms happening to someone, call 9-1-1 immediately.

The good news is, 80 percent of strokes can be prevented. It all comes down to basic choices that all of us can make: eating healthy, getting regular exercise and not smoking.

And if you or someone in your family has a stroke, it';s important to know treatment and support are available.

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