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Joint Replacement

Your joints allow you to walk and move your extremities with ease. Over time, they can become stiff and painful from inflammation, injury or disease, or from the natural effects of aging. Often when these damaged joints are replaced, patients find they have been given a new lease on life.

Virginia Mason orthopedic surgeons are specialists in joint replacement surgery, and the Orthopedic Program has been named a "Center of Excellence for Joint Replacement" by the the Washington Healthcare Authority, in recognition of our high quality outcomes and low complication rates.


Joint Replacement Services

The Virginia Mason Difference in Anesthesiology

Total joint replacement can be a painful surgery when traditional methods of pain control are used. At Virginia Mason, however, physicians are using new approaches to manage pain. For knee replacement surgery, this includes a continuous nerve block technique called the "Adductor Canal Catheter" that not only reduces pain, but maintains muscle strength in the leg, which is critical to recovery. The anesthesia delivered to hip and shoulder replacement patients is also designed to promote a faster recovery with fewer complications.

Support Services for Joint Replacement Patients

Virginia Mason's Peer Partners is a unique and nationally recognized program of support for hospitalized patients. Volunteers who have been through similar procedures visit with patients and their families to answer questions and assist with non-medical concerns. Peer Partners can also help caregivers understand how to best provide care and support when a patient returns home.

In addition, Virginia Mason's experienced medical social workers are available to support you and your family. 

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If you have questions about joint replacement surgery, or want to schedule an evaluation with an orthopedic surgeon, call us at (206) 341-3000. Same- or next-day appointments are often available.

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Total Joint Replacement

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