Tips for Applicants

  • Applying to Virginia Mason
  • Interviewing at Virginia Mason: Virginia Mason's Department of Anesthesiology has interview dates starting in late October through mid-January. Throughout the interview process, applicants have plenty of opportunities to meet and get to know the residents in the operating room, and during the interview dinner at a nearby restaurant in the vibrant Capitol Hill neighborhood. Applicants will also interact and interview with program leadership and faculty.

    Virginia Mason is located in the heart of downtown Seattle with numerous hotels within walking distance of the hospital. There is a discount available for interviewees at the Inn at Virginia Mason, which is immediately adjacent to the medical center. Virginia Mason is a 10 minute walk from the Link light rail University Street Station, and has plenty of access to multiple bus routes. Uber and Lyft are a great option for transportation around Seattle. There are many restaurants, bars, breweries and coffee shops within blocks of the hospital. If you have a little extra time to spend in Seattle, check out our residents’ Top Picks for dining and activity options.
  • Matching at Virginia Mason: There are six (6) categorical positions in anesthesiology at Virginia Mason. For five categorical positions, the PGY-1 year is spent as a Transitional Year resident at Virginia Mason. For one position, the PGY-1 year is spent as a Preliminary Medicine resident at Virginia Mason. The medicine-anesthesiology track is a new and exciting option for our training program! Please refer to the graphic below to learn more about both PGY-1 training years.

    In addition, there are three (3) advanced positions starting the PGY-2 year. To maximize the chances of matching at Virginia Mason, as well as a PGY-1 year in Seattle, we recommend applying to and ranking the following programs as well as the two categorical anesthesiology positions offered:

          - Virginia Mason Preliminary Surgery
          - University of Washington Preliminary Surgery

    Your interview with the anesthesiology program also counts as an interview for all Virginia Mason PGY-1 programs. If you wish to have a specific additional interview with a representative from the Virginia Mason Preliminary Medicine or Preliminary Surgery programs, please inform us when interview invitations are offered. We have a collaborative relationship with the University of Washington Preliminary Surgery program, which typically conducts video interviews..

    • 4th Year Medical Student Advanced Clerkship: There are a limited number of spots available for 4th year advanced clerkships in the Anesthesiology Department. In general, we do not offer rotations in anesthesiology for 3rd year medical students. Clerkships are four weeks long and are available from August through October. Virginia Mason does not use VSAS, but information about applying for a 4th year clerkship can be found here.