Therapy Car for Orthopedic Patients

Therapy Car Invented at Virginia Mason Is Available to Therapists Everywhere

The therapy car invented at Virginia Mason is specifically designed to help patients who have had orthopedic surgery practice safety techniques to prepare them for one of the first challenges they encounter when leaving the hospital — confidently getting into their own vehicle.

Under the skilled direction of a therapist, patients practice getting in and out of the therapy car. This enables patients to learn essential safety techniques and how to follow any specific movement precautions they may have.

The therapy car is licensed for manufacture by Texas-based MJM International and available for purchase by therapists anywhere in the world.

The innovative device is constructed of light-weight, health-grade quality PVC that allows a variety of height adjustments. By matching it to the seat heights of real vehicles (i.e., sedan, compact or sports utility vehicle) each individual patient experiences the feeling of their own car. This is so important for building confidence and preparing for a safe discharge. The therapy car has wheels so therapists can easily move it to the patient’s bedside to meet the patient’s unique needs.

For more information or to order the device, contact MJM International toll-free at 1-800-270-6199 or by email at