Testicular Cancer Clinical Trials

Virginia Mason’s testicular cancer specialists are also involved in ongoing research of the disease, including studying new therapies that require clinical trials. Some testicular cancer patients at Virginia Mason will be eligible at various times for studies involving new chemotherapy drugs and other types of treatment.

If you are a testicular cancer patient, your doctor will let you know if your case qualifies for a clinical trial.

Benaroya Research Institute at Virginia Mason

Patients benefit from our partnership with Benaroya Research Institute, a world-class research institution that examines the causes and cures of diseases, including cancer, and makes discoveries available to patients. The Institute conducts clinical research trials such as national chemotherapy prevention trials, cancer treatment trials and quality-of-life/symptom-management trials. Learn more about cancer-related trials at Benaroya Research Institute.

For more information about clinical trials, or testicular cancer treatment, contact the Testicular Cancer Program at (206) 341-1420.