Weight Loss Get Healthy Series

Our medically supervised team weight loss Get Healthy series consists of group visits led by a team of providers who offer coaching and tools for successful weight loss. The group will be facilitated physician, a registered dietitian nutritionist and a behavioral specialist.

Typical team appointment topics include:

  • Program introduction, current weight assessment and goal setting. Role of goals.

  • Portion sizes, carbohydrates, proteins, fats and alcohol. Introduction to meal planning. Role of nutrition in sustaining new habits.

  • Getting to know your hunger. Physical vs non-physical hunger.

  • The concept of 5S – clearing out your kitchen. The role of a safe environment in preventing slips and lapses.

  • Nutrition labels. Trouble times and places. Function of denial in regaining weight – importance of tracking your intake and weight.

  • Activity and exercise. Overcoming roadblocks to physical activity.

  • Eating out healthfully. Your maintenance plan. Behavioral strategies for high risk situation.

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