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Image: Drs. Kozlowski, Porter and Corman near the DaVinci.According to an article in The New York Times July 26, 2007 titled "Experience Matters in Prostate Surgery," it was reported that prostate cancer is less likely to relapse in men who are treated by more experienced surgeons. Doctors who have performed more than 250 surgeries to remove a cancerous prostate were more successful, according to the study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

At Virginia Mason Medical Center, all of our prostate cancer surgeons - Drs. John CormanPaul Kozlowski and Christopher Porter - have each performed well over 250 surgeries. Since 2000, Virginia Mason's Urology Center of Excellence team members have performed more than a combined 1,600 surgeries.

"We're pleased to see the Journal of the National Cancer Institute release this study. This information helps patients focus on the importance of selecting a skilled, experienced surgeon," said Fred Govier, MD, Urology Section Head and Medical Chief of Staff. "At Virginia Mason, we're proud to exceed the study's recommended surgical numbers for all of our prostate cancer surgeons. Virginia Mason is one the nation's leading hospitals for prostate cancer treatment and we're proud to have provided this care for more than 80 years."

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