Simulation Curriculum

Contrast Reaction Simulation

  • Quarterly workshop supervised by an abdominal imaging or IR attending
  • Residents identify contents of "contrast reaction box," review all equipment, and participate in managing various contrast reaction scenarios such as anaphylaxis, vasovagal reaction, bronchospasm, etc.

MR Guided Breast Biopsy Workshop

  • Yearly, half-day workshop supervised by our breast imaging attending, Peter Eby, MD
  • Residents are guided through the steps of setting up and performing MR guided breast biopsies (using a grapefruit as a phantom). Residents then take turns targeting lesions and performing vacuum-assisted biopsy of the phantom using standard software and equipment.

Ultrasound Guided Breast Biopsy Workshop

  • Once-a-year workshop supervised by breast imaging attendings
  • Residents review all the steps of properly visualizing and setting up for ultrasound-guided biopsy. Subsequently, residents take turns performing targeted biopsy of various inclusions at various depths using ballistic gel phantoms or store-bought turkey breast.

Ultrasound Hands-on Workshop with Pelvic Phantom

  • Once-a-year workshop supervised by ultrasound attendings
  • Residents learn how to handle a transvaginal probe in order to properly evaluate and document images of the uterus and adnexa

Call Prep Simulation

  • Full day of advanced call prep simulation using WIDI SIM software designed by University of Florida to mimic case selection and cadence of a typical call shift
  • Buddy call shifts at the end of PGY-2 year where junior residents are encouraged to act independently with background supervision from senior residents

Future / In Planning Phase:

  • Guided simulation to improve communications skills during difficult conversations including:
    • Disclosure of adverse events
    • "Breaking bad news" after a critical outcome
  • Ultrasound Hands-on Workshop with Ballistic Gel Phantoms
    • Gel phantoms are used to demonstrate physics principles and artifacts in ultrasound
    • Inclusions are targeted to practice needle guidance, a skill that is beneficial in various procedures such as thyroid fine needle aspirations, cyst aspirations and soft tissue biopsies.