Lung Cancer Care Team

Meet Our Lung Cancer Patient Care Coordinator

Sonia M. Kunz, RN
Thoracic Oncology Nurse Coordinator
(206) 341-1200

All patient interactions at Virginia Mason in Seattle are coordinated by our Thoracic Oncology Nurse Coordinator, Sonia Kunz, RN. Travel to Seattle is typically preceded by phone contact with Sonia, who helps make patient visits as efficient and productive as possible.

Virginia Mason’s Interdisciplinary Approach
Virginia Mason’s team of specialists includes physicians in medical oncology, thoracic surgery, radiation therapy, pulmonary medicine, radiology and pathology. Patients also receive support from a team of skilled nurses, social workers, psychologists, and dietitians, all of whom have advanced education in caring for patients with cancer.

These specialists work together to ensure coordinated care, good communication, and an aggressive but individualized approach. For many lung cancer patients, the interdisciplinary approach offered by Virginia Mason presents the best chances of survival and high quality of life following treatment.