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The safety of our patients and visitors remains our top priority during construction of the VM hospital addition. That is why, starting Aug. 11, 2009, the turnaround entry in front of the hospital lobby on Seneca Street is being closed temporarily to vehicle traffic as work continues on the Level 5 connection to the addition.

There have been no accidents, but traffic in and out of the turnaround has created challenges with visibility and congestion as construction crews work nearby. As a result, the area needs to be closed to traffic until August 2011 as a safety precaution.

We realize patients and visitors will still use the front entrance of the hospital as pedestrians, so there will be a covered, secure walkway open in front of the breezeway (near Tully's) that will allow people to come and go from the hospital on foot.

To compensate for the traffic closure, VM will be channeling patient discharges to other areas. Patients will be able to leave the hospital and access pick-up vehicles in front of the Emergency Department, Lindeman Pavilion and Buck Pavilion. View this map with discharge locations

We realize this is an inconvenience, and we appreciate your understanding during this temporary closure to ensure the safety of everyone.

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