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The August 2014 issue of Seattle Metropolitan magazine featured 104 providers from Virginia Mason as Top Doctors and Nurses.

More than 1,400 doctors, nurses and physician assistants in the Seattle metropolitan area participated in the 2014 survey, which asked: If you or a loved one needed medical care, whom would you choose? Of the nearly 13,000 nominations we received, the top 15 percent of practitioners were considered as semifinalists for the 2014 Top Doctors and Nurses list.

Virginia Mason Top Doctors and Nurses

(Listed by section)

David Auyong, MD
Robert A. Caplan, MD
Joseph M. Neal, MD
Francis Salinas, MD

Asthma, Allergy and Immunology
Mary Farrington, MD
Joyce K. Lammert, MD
David M. Robinson, MD

Bellevue Medical Center - Internal Medicine
Catherine Potts, MD

Cardiac Surgery
Gautam R. Velamoor, MD
Mark E. Hill, MD

Christopher Fellows, MD
John R. Holmes, MD
Wayne S. Hwang, MD
Gordon L. Kritzer, MD
Connie Keibler, ARNP

Critical Care Medicine
Ian Smith, MD

Sarah Dick, MD
Edward Esparza, MD, PhD
Ulrike Ochs, MD
Edwin Rhim, MD
Alison Young, MD, PhD

Emergency Medicine
Jacob Heller, MD
Scott Osborn, MD
Julianna T. Yu, MD

Federal Way Medical Center - Adult Primary Care
Jane Dunham, MD

Federal Way Medical Center - Pediatrics
Jonathan R. Fox, MD

Michael Gluck, MD
Shayan Irani, MD
Richard A. Kozarek, MD
Andrew Ross, MD

General Internal Medicine
Joy Bucher, MD
Jason Eintracht, MD
Ellen Frechette, MD
Steven A. Hayash , MD
Carrie A. Horwitch, MD
Paul A. Smith, MD
Michael Soung, MD

General Surgery
Thomas R. Biehl, MD
Lily Chang, MD
W. Scott Helton, MD
Donald E. Low, MD
Ravi Moonka, MD
Edmond J. Raker, MD
Richard C. Thirlby, MD
Debra G. Wechter, MD

Linda Mihalov, MD

Hematology and Oncology
David M. Aboulafia, MD
Andrew D. Jacobs, MD
Thomas W. Malpass, MD
Vincent J. Picozzi, MD
Nanette Robinson, MD
Joseph Rosales, MD
Prakash Vishnu, MD

Infectious Disease
Margot A. Schwartz, MD
Lacey L. Siekas, DNP, ARNP

Issaquah Medical Center – Pediatrics
Robin D. Ifft, MD
Rebecca Partridge, MD
Kimberly Schrier, MD

Kirkland Medical Center - Adult Primary Care
Kim R. Pittenger, MD

Cyrus Cryst, MD
Michael Sutters, MD
Andrew Weiss, MD

Michael A. Elliott, MD
Mariko Kita, MD
Justin Stahl, MD

Farrokh Farrokhi, MD
Charles E. Nussbaum, MD

Kevin MacDonald, MD
John F. Buckmiller, MD
Jonathan Clabeaux, MD
Heidi Shors, MD
Lyle S. Sorensen, MD

Amy S. Anstead, MD
Stephen W. Bayles, MD
Geoffrey Deschenes, MD
Seth Schwartz, MD, MPH

Pathology and Clinical Laboratories
S. Nicholas Agoff, MD
Donald G. Guinee, MD
Timothy W. Jacobs, MD

Plastic Surgery
James Schlenker, MD

Marty Hoiness, MD

Pulmonary Medicine
Anthony Gerbino, MD
Steven H. Kirtland, MD

Radiation Oncology
Guobin Song, MD, PhD
Michelle Yao, MD

Ellen M. Hauptmann, MD
David Coy, MD
Robert D. Crane, MD
Mehran Fotoohi, MD
Marie E. Lee, MD

Vivian Stone, MD

Sleep Disorders Center
Oneil S. Bains, MD
William J. DePaso, MD

The Breast Clinic
Carly Searles, ARNP

University Village Medical Center - Sand Point Pediatrics
Ann N. Champoux, MD
Michael Dudas, MD
Robert T. Fukura, MD
Benjamin Jackson, MD
Thomas E. Numrych, MD
Susie Paeth, MSN, ARNP
Kathy Risse, MD

John M. Corman, MD
Kathleen C. Kobashi, MD
Christopher Porter, MD

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