Referring Providers

Laboratory Requisition

Below are links to Virginia Mason laboratory requisitions that can be sent with your patient for their laboratory work. You can also fax it to us at (206) 223-7540. If you do fax it, please call (206) 223-6701 to ensure we receive it. Also, please provide a contact number for any questions about the orders.

Add On/Cancellation Requests

To add on or to cancel a requested test please call (206) 223-6701 with the patient information and test collection date.

Laboratory Testing

Virginia Mason's offers laboratory testing for: phlebotomy, laboratory specimen processing, microbiology and molecular diagnostics, chemistry, hematology/coagulation/urinalysis, flow cytometry, point-of-care testing and transfusion support services.

Laboratory Results

Results will be mailed to the ordering provider once the tests have been completed. Results will only be faxed if it is requested on the order requisition or requested by phone. Note: Virginia Mason laboratory policy does not allow faxing of sensitive results. To request a copy of the results to be faxed to you, please call (206) 223-6701.