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You may have heard on the news about the meningitis outbreak in the Midwest and East Coast, traced to infected steroid products for back pain made by NECC, a pharmaceutical compounding company. As a precautionary measure, this news led to a wide-scale recall order issued by the FDA for all drugs produced by NECC after May 21.

As safety is a top concern at Virginia Mason, we want to inform you about a recent recall for an eye-treatment drug, Avastin®, which Virginia Mason ordered from NECC.

The drug was immediately removed from our shelves Oct. 4 when the NECC meningitis outbreak was first announced. As a precautionary measure, we are also letting all patients who received Avastin since May 21 know about the situation.
It’s important to note that so far, no cases of infection have been reported in connection with any NECC-produced ophthalmic (eye care) drug. There is no evidence to suggest you may have received medicine that would cause an infection.
Still, we want you to be safe, so we are following Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommendations to notify our patients who received the drug recently. If you observe any symptoms suggesting a possible eye infection — loss of vision, increasing pain and discharge from the eye — please notify your ophthalmologist immediately. You will be evaluated right away and receive treatment if needed.
If you have any questions, please contact the Department of Ophthalmology at (206) 223-6840.

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