Prostate Cancer Emotional & Spiritual Support

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Prostate Cancer Survival Rates

Survival rates from prostate cancer are excellent when the disease is detected in its earliest stages. When this occurs, cure rates can be over 90 percent a ten years after diagnosis. When the disease is found at advanced stages, however, survival rates are less than 40 percent at five years after diagnosis and 17 percent at ten years.

The majority of prostate cancers are slow growing and of a low grade (level of aggressiveness). In older men who develop microscopic tumors that are not microscopically aggressive, the disease may develop so slowly that active treatment (other than surveillance) is often not necessary. (They may die with prostate cancer rather than from it.)

Chaplaincy Services

Our non-denominational chaplains are available to provide counseling, compassionate listening, crisis intervention, grief and bereavement resources, and patient advocacy. Contact the Department of Spiritual Care by calling (206) 583-6463, ext. 36463. Chaplains are available by pager 24 hours a day. Referrals may be left on voicemail, or for immediate assistance, call the operator to request the chaplain on call.