Prostate Cancer Care Team

Prostate Cancer Clinic Coordinator
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Toll-free: (800) 354-9527, ext. 32282

Virginia Mason offers a comprehensive approach to the treatment of prostate cancer, from early detection programs to the latest in cancer treatment.

Prostate Cancer Surgeons

Your surgeon has a special expertise in the treatment of prostate cancer and is dedicated to providing you with state-of-the-art modalities, including minimally invasive surgery and seed implantation for men with low-risk disease. Additionally, because Virginia Mason is actively involved in clinical research studies, your surgeon may offer new or “novel” surgical therapies that may not be available elsewhere.

Radiation Oncologists

Your radiation oncologist uses radiation to treat disease, determines the area to be treated and the number of treatments needed. Virginia Mason radiation oncologists also are actively involved in new or investigational techniques for cancer. Recently, radiation oncologists at Virginia Mason developed a novel treatment program with physicists from Northwest Medical Physics Center that delivers precise radiation to the prostate with fewer urinary or rectal complications in men with early stage cancer.

Medical Oncologists

Your oncologist is trained in the use of chemotherapy and other drug therapies for fighting cancer. In addition, Virginia Mason regularly participates in large cooperative cancer trials, sponsored by the National Cancer Institute, that make new therapies and new combinations of therapies available to patients.


Your radiologist specializes in the use of radiation for imaging the body and “reads” imaging studies for signs of disease.


This physician examines slides of biopsy and surgical specimens under a microscope and makes the definitive diagnosis regarding the presence or absence of cancer. The pathologist also provides important information, such as cancer type, stage, adequacy of excision, and marker profile, which guides the treatment decisions of your surgeon, radiation oncologist and medical oncologist.

Sexual Function Specialist

This individual specializes in the treatment of sexual dysfunction in cancer patients.

Nutrition Specialist

This individual, a registered dietitian specializing in cancer care, works with you to establish a healthy nutritional plan based on your individual circumstances.

Oncology Social Worker

The oncology social worker offers psychosocial support and is a resource for services available to you online and in the community.

Hereditary Cancer Risk Consultant

This individual has specialized training in cancer genetics and will counsel you, at your discretion, about inherited factors for certain types of cancer, including prostate cancer.