Preventive Care Information

Thank you for choosing Virginia Mason as your health care partner. We value our relationship with you and want to ensure you have the information you need about preventive health care.

An important part of health care is prevention, which is designed to help patients avoid serious or chronic illnesses. Preventive care focuses on the health of individuals or communities and involves care and measures to prevent illness or the worsening of diseases that have already developed. It includes exams and screening tests tailored to your age, health and family medical history.

Early Diagnosis is Key

There are some conditions that are relatively common, that have good treatments available and have a phase in which they cause no symptoms. We screen for these conditions with questions and tests. Examples:

  • Breast, cervical and colon cancer can benefit from early detection tests.
  • Future heart attack and stroke risk can be assessed with cholesterol testing and blood pressure, factoring in your age and gender. We can manage this risk with lifestyle change and medications.
  • Your family history might raise your risks of conditions like diabetes and melanoma. We might choose to test and focus on these.
  • Your lifestyle, weight and the condition of your joints may allow us to make a long-range plan to manage wear-and-tear arthritis and any discomfort.
  • We screen for depression and anxiety at all preventive visits, to help identify issues that may be affecting quality of life.

We can customize a prevention plan for you with focused exams, tests and lifestyle recommendations.

Preventive Care Checklist

  • Identify preventive or screening services you have not yet received, according to the recommended guidelines.
  • Make an appointment with your health care provider for your preventive health check, if you have not yet done so this year.
  • When you meet with your health care provider, tell them about all of the medications and/or supplements you are taking and discuss the screenings and preventive services you might need.

Added Benefit

Health insurance plans often include preventive medicine as a benefit with little or no out-of-pocket costs.

Learn more about preventive care.

Thank you for choosing Virginia Mason. We feel privileged to be your health care partner.