Prescription Refills


If you need a refill, call the pharmacy that originally filled your medication. The pharmacy phone number is printed on the bottle of medication that you need refilled. The pharmacist may already have authorization to refill your medication. If not, the pharmacist will call us to request a refill. Please give your pharmacist plenty of time before your prescription runs out.

Mail Order

If you use mail order prescription service, please allow 10 days advance notice before you prescription runs out.

Refill Requests Through Virginia Mason

If you fill your prescription at a Virginia Mason pharmacy location, refills can be requested through the patient portal, MyVirginiaMason. Please allow one business day for pickup.

New Medications

If you need new medication, please call your provider's office. Let our staff know you are requesting a new medication. Please be prepared to give our staff the name and telephone number of the pharmacy you would like us to call. The telephone staff will forward your request to the doctor. Once he approves the prescription, our staff will call your pharmacy.

Non-emergency prescription refill authorizations are not available on Saturday or Sunday.

Please be sure to tell us if you have any medication allergies.