Breast Reconstruction

Our team offers the latest, most advanced breast reconstruction techniques. We work with patients to help them understand their treatment options and choose what’s best for them. We offer two main types of breast reconstruction surgery:

  • Breast Implant Surgery — where surgeons restore the size and shape of breasts with silicone implants

  • Autologous Tissue Surgery — using tissue from other places in the body to reconstruct a patient’s breast

  • Flat closure — Chest wall reconstruction for breast cancer survivors who opt to stay flat after mastectomy rather than pursue breast reconstruction. The goal of flat closure is to restore a normal anatomic contour to the chest using plastic surgical techniques such as removal of redundant skin, liposuction, and fat grafting. Flat closure can also be performed to restore chest contour following explanation of breast implants.

We encourage patients to learn more about various types of breast reconstruction surgery. We also recommend this animated video about breast reconstruction from the American Association of Plastic Surgeons. For more information about breast reconstruction at Virginia Mason and other resources, please call (206) 223-6831.

Why Choose Virginia Mason for Breast Reconstruction Surgery?

  • Experience: William Schmitt, MD, and Alexandra Schmidek, MD, have performed hundreds of breast reconstructions and have more than 35 years of combined experience. Meet the breast reconstruction surgery team.
  • Expertise: Our plastic surgeons offer a unique combination of microsurgical techniques and implant reconstruction to give patients the best options for reconstructing the breast. This includes microvascular surgery, reconnecting tiny vessels during reconstruction, which requires specialized, fellowship-trained surgeons.
  • Compassionate care: We’re passionate about giving patients the best care possible. Beyond our clinical team, we offer a Patients Supporting Patients program, connecting current patients with women who have undergone breast reconstruction to discuss their experience.