Pediatrics Locations

Virginia Mason is committed to providing the finest pediatric health care possible, which means a lot when you’re thinking about your child. We offer care at seven medical centers around the Puget Sound, and our team consists of pediatricians and family physicians.


Pediatricians have completed clinical training focused specifically on children and adolescents, and are board certified from the American Board of Pediatrics. They have an in-depth understanding of children and adolescents’ unique health needs and problems, including assessing for and treating developmental or mental health disorders. Additionally, they have experience speaking and interacting with kids at their developmental level, building relationships with children, and easing any fears they might have with going to the doctor. Because of their focused training, pediatricians are comfortable caring for premature infants or children with special needs or more complex medical needs. Pediatricians are at the following locations:

Family Medicine Physicians

Unlike pediatricians who see patients from birth to 21 years of age, family physicians care for patients of all ages. Family physicians receive a broad-spectrum training on caring for all people regardless of age or health condition and can treat a wide range of diseases; they are board certified from the American Board of Family Medicine. Since they are able to treat the entire family and have continuity of care across generations, family physicians can continue seeing children after they reach adulthood without the need to transition to a different provider. Family medicine physicians are at the following locations: