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Nutrition Center of Excellence

Virginia Mason's Nutrition Center of Excellence, directed by endocrinologist Jonathan Stoehr, MD, PhD, aims to serve as the center of choice for the highest quality care of people with a wide variety of complex nutritional concerns.

We understand that nutritional care across the spectrum of digestive diseases, from pancreas cancer to inflammatory bowel disease to obesity, is critical. Digestive diseases can interfere with digestion and other organ functions in a number of ways causing dehydration, poor absorption of nutrients, headaches, weakness, blocked blood flow and other issues.

The center’s current focus is caring for patients who are on a weight loss journey. Our overall goal is to help support you, our patient, to a healthier state.

The U.S. Preventive Services Task force recommends regular obesity screening for all adults as well as lifestyle behavior change programs for people struggling with weight loss. In keeping with these recommendations, Virginia Mason's Weight Loss Center engages and supports individuals wherever they are in their weight loss journey. If you are exploring weight loss, please consider these options for your care: