Nutrition and Diabetes

Good nutrition is an important component of managing your diabetes. A registered dietitian, who is a member of your health care team at Virginia Mason Hospital & Seattle Medical Center, Bainbridge Island Medical Center, Bellevue Medical Center, Issaquah Medical Center and Kirkland Medical Center, will work with you to create a meal plan that best fits your needs. If you are newly diagnosed with diabetes, the following information will help answer questions you may have until you can meet with a dietitian or attend a diabetes class

How Often Should I Eat?

You should eat three meals at regular times every day. Doing so will help keep your blood sugar in a normal range. In addition, you won’t be tempted to eat something that isn’t good for you.

Do not skip meals. Include healthy snacks in your day if you will go more than four to five hours between meals.

How Much Should I Eat?

If you want to lose weight, cut down on your portion size. Fill your plate at your main meal with a protein, starches, vegetables, fruit and milk.

Are There Foods to Avoid?

Until you see your dietitian, you should avoid desserts, regular pop, fruit juice, fruit flavored drinks, jelly, honey, sugar, syrups and alcohol.