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Newly Diagnosed with MS?

A diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (MS) can feel overwhelming at first. Not only do many new patients have to cope with symptoms, but must suddenly face a steep learning curve about their disease. The Multiple Sclerosis Clinic at Virginia Mason offers comprehensive care to MS patients and their families, providing the latest clinical information and treatments in a compassionate team-based environment.

Although there is still no cure for MS, many effective therapies are available to modify the course of the disease. It is important to know that the majority of people with MS do not become severely physically disabled. It can help to remember that a diagnosis of MS does not define a person, but simply becomes part of one's ongoing effort to maintain the best health possible. Though there may be a series of adjustments to make over the long term, most people with MS find that with the right care and support they can live full and satisfying lives.

The MS team is comprised of experts providing education and care to the whole patient, addressing neurological, physical, psychological and nutritional needs. The most current natural therapies are also available, including licensed acupuncture and other treatments designed to enhance the body's own ability to heal. Offering the best of medical science and naturopathic therapies in one place allows patients the full spectrum of treatment options.

The Multiple Sclerosis Clinic is an experienced prescribing center for the newest MS medications and highly involved in clinical research and clinical trials. The MS clinic's team approach means these advanced therapies are administered with the highest level of safety. Keeping the patient at the center of the treatment planning process ensures all care decisions are the result of medical best practices as well as individual patient needs.

Newly Diagnosed MS Seminars

The Multiple Sclerosis Newly Diagnosed Seminar occurs Saturdays and includes team members from Virginia Mason's Multiple Sclerosis Center.