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Virginia Mason Medical Center recently opened the Lindeman Surgery Center, adding four new operating rooms to the medical center. The Lindeman Surgery Center is located in the Lindeman Pavilion, 1201 Terry Ave., Seattle. With the hospital addition scheduled for completion in summer 2010, two more operating rooms will be opened, increasing the overall operating room capacity by 30 percent. Below are photos and descriptions of the new Lindeman Surgery Center.

Image: Lindeman Surgery Center entrance and waiting area.

  • The Lindeman Surgery Center, located on Level 5 of the Lindeman Pavilion, opened its doors to patients on Sept. 2, 2008. It consists of four new operating rooms, five pre-operative admitting spaces, a family waiting area, a private consultation room and 11 post-operative recovery areas. 

Image: Lindeman Surgery Center waiting area.

  • The Surgery Center's waiting room offers a calming environment and is just a short walk to the hospital cafeteria.

Image: Lindeman Surgery Center waiting area with patient-tracking televisions.

  • Family and friends are able to track the progress of patients during the operating process on two large-screen televisions, located in the waiting area.

Image: Lindeman Surgery Center admitting area.

  • Checking in for surgery takes place on Level 5 of the Lindeman Pavilion, on the north end of the Surgery Center waiting area.

Image: Lindeman Surgery Center pre-operative room.

  • Located directly across from the operating rooms is the surgery pre-operative room. Patients remain on a single patient platform (mobile stretcher/table) throughout the operation process.

Image: Lindeman Surgery Center operating room.

  • Surgical specialties using the Lindeman Surgery Center include General Surgery, Hand, Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose and Throat), Orthopedics, Sports Medicine (including Podiatry) and Urology.

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Image: Lindeman Surgery Center post-operative recovery room.

  • The Surgery Center is equipped with 11 post-operative recovery rooms, designed to provide privacy and efficient post-operative care so that family and friends can spend as much time as possible with patients. The recovery rooms are located a short distance from the waiting area.
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