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Providing safe, quality care for patients is Virginia Mason's top priority. Now, patients and family members at Virginia Mason Hospital can rest assured that, should they have any immediate concerns that are not being addressed adequately, a team of immediate responders is only a phone call away.

When a family member calls the F.A.S.T. (Family Activated Safety Team) hotline, a team of providers from various areas of the medical center will arrive at the bedside within a few minutes after a request. And, like the hotline's name, not a critical second is wasted. Team members will assess the situation and provide any necessary care. The hotline demonstrates how Virginia Mason values patients and family members as important members of the care team. Speak to your hospital health-care provider to learn more about the F.A.S.T. hotline and call the hotline at 6-FAST (6-3278) from any Virginia Mason phone. Learn more about Virginia Mason's patient safety efforts.

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