My First Day

Welcome To the Virginia Mason Team!

Please review the following information to prepare for your first day at Virginia Mason. Use the list below to navigate the My First Day information:

Orientation Schedule

New Hire Orientation (NHO)
Who Attends:

All New Team Members


Day 1 Check-in: 7:45-8 a.m. Orientation Hours: 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m.


Virginia Mason Administrative Office Metropolitan Park West
HR, 5th Floor, Suite 534
1100 Olive Way, Seattle, WA 98101

Other Info
  • Begin your first day at 8 a.m. and arrive 15 minutes early to allow for unexpected delays. Your first day will end around 4:30 p.m.
  • If you are unable to attend your scheduled Orientation contact your recruiter as soon as possible.
Who Attends:

Specified hospital patient facing roles: Inpatient RN, PCT/ED Tech, OR/PACU RN, Procedural RN


Starts Monday following your NHO.

View the GHO schedule.

(Hard copy will be provided on Day 1)


Seattle Main Campus and/or Metro Park West – see schedule for location details

Who Attends:

Specified ambulatory patient facing roles: Outpatient RN, Medical Assistant


Starts Monday following your NHO.

View the GAO schedule for RNs.

View the GAO schedule for MAs.

(Hard copy will be provided on Day 1)


Seattle Main Campus and/or Metro Park West – see schedule for location details


  • You will attend New Hire Orientation with Human Resources on Day 1. Please plan to arrive 15 minutes early at 7:45 a.m. to check in and get settled, and to allow for unexpected traffic or delays.
  • Your recruiter confirms your New Hire Orientation date and Hospital or Ambulatory Orientation attendance (based on your role) with you during the offer conversation.

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What to Bring on Day 1 Checklist

1. Identification documents are required for Virginia Mason to verify your identity and work eligibility on Day 1.

  • Click here to review the list of acceptable identification documents.
  • A copy of the I-9 Form will be provided at New Hire Orientation. You will present your identification documents and complete the I-9 on Day 1.
  • To review the I-9 instructions in more detail, click here.

2. Personal health recordsClick here to view requirements and instructions.

  • Health records will be collected on Day 1 so Employee Health can prepare for your appointment.
    • If you are unable to provide health records by Day 1, you may fax them to Employee Health prior to your scheduled appointment at (206) 223-6856. Please include your name and indicate “new hire” on the fax.
  • You must attend an Employee Health intake appointment within your first week of employment following New Hire Orientation.

3. Print, complete and bring ALL the forms below to your first day of New Hire Orientation. For forms requiring your employee number, it will be provided during orientation.

q New Employee Registration

q Fit for Duty Attestation

q Confidentiality Agreement

q Identification Badge Policy

q Veteran Invitation to Self-Identify

q Self-Identification of Disability 

q Employee Health New Hire Release Form 

4.  Patient Care Technician or Emergency Department Technicians ONLY  Click here for additional credential paperwork.

  • You only need to print and complete section 4, entitled Medical Assistant-Registered Credential Application (pages 9-13 if saving/printing as PDF)

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Directions to Orientation

Location: New Hire Orientation (Day 1) takes place with Human Resources, located in the Metropolitan Park West office building at 1100 Olive Way. Driving directions can be found here.

  • The main lobby entrance of the building is on Minor Avenue.
  • Take the lobby elevator up to the 5th floor and check in with Human Resources, Suite 534.

Public Transportation: Call Metro, (206) 553-3000 or visit Metro Online for information on the best routes for reaching Virginia Mason from your home. More questions about transportation or parking options? Contact Virginia Mason Parking and Commuter Services at (206) 625-7385.

  • On Day 1, you will receive commute information and an opportunity to enroll in Virginia Mason’s subsidized transit program(s). View Commute Program options available to you.
  • An ORCA Annual Passport Card will be available for you on Day 1 should you choose to enroll in the program that day.

Parking: We encourage the use of public transportation; however, if you choose to drive we will only validate parking on Day 1 for the Early Bird parking rate in the Metropolitan Park East parking garage (entry before 8 a.m.). Bring your parking ticket with you for validation during orientation.

  • The Metropolitan Park East parking garage entrance is on Minor Avenue, across the street from the Metropolitan Park West building, per the map below.
  • Note: LAZ Parking operates parking garages in both the Metropolitan Park West and East buildings, but only the Metropolitan Park East garage offers an early bird rate that we can validate for you. Please use the East garage to receive validation and avoid incurring parking fees as the West rates are higher.
  • Please make arrangements for transportation/parking for the remainder of your onboarding beyond Day 1. As a reminder, parking garages at Virginia Mason Seattle Campus only permit employee parking after hours, Monday through Friday, and on weekends/holidays. You will be responsible for finding other parking options if you choose to drive. More information and options will be provided at orientation.

Map of Human Resources location.

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Preparing for Orientation

  • What to Wear During Orientation
    • As indicated on your offer letter, please come dressed in business casual attire (no shorts, jeans or flip flops). You may reference Virginia Mason's Work Appearance Standards for additional information.
    • Team members attending General Hospital and General Ambulatory Orientations after New Hire Orientation are also asked to dress in business casual attire for classroom training sessions.
    • What to Wear After Orientation
      • Virginia Mason’s apparel program helps to identify hospital and clinic team members by their position. 
      • Participating team members will receive an annual apparel allotment and will be emailed instructions regarding placing an order through our vendor, SmartScrubs. You may view the basic color guidelines and allotment information here. Additional information regarding our hospital and clinic apparel program will be provided to participants during orientation.
      • Prior to receiving Virginia Mason branded apparel from SmartScrubs, patient care team members are asked to wear solid, neutral-colored scrubs (such as gray or navy blue) without designs or other logos while working or training in clinic/unit.
    • Day 1 Information
      • Please come prepared to have your ID badge photo taken. Your ID badge will be issued on your first day.
      • Time will be provided for travel between the Seattle Campus location and the Metro West Administrative Office before and after lunch. Participants are provided a $5 meal voucher for the hospital cafeteria should they choose to shuttle to Seattle Campus and eat lunch there on Day 1.
      • The Virginia Mason Shuttle will take us from the orientation location to the Seattle Campus location and back, and a shuttle schedule will be provided at orientation.

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    Other Important Information

    • Payroll Information: You will be given information on Day 1 about how to use Virginia Mason’s payroll system, Dayforce. In order to set up your Direct Deposit and W4 withholding status, you will be directed to enroll online using Dayforce following your New Hire Orientation.
    • Benefits Information: There will be a general benefits overview on Day 1 of orientation. To learn more about Virginia Mason benefits in advance of your orientation, please review the Virginia Mason Benefits.
      • To confirm if you are benefit eligible, refer to your offer letter or contact your recruiter.
      • Benefits are effective on the 1st of the month on or following your hire date; new hires must complete benefit enrollments within 30 days of hire.
    • Contact your recruiter as soon as possible if:
      • You are unable to attend your scheduled New Hire Orientation.
      • You are unable to print and complete the required forms prior to orientation.
      • You have any questions regarding your offer letter or your benefits eligibility status prior to orientation.
      • You need an ADA accommodation.
      • You experience a commute delay and anticipate arriving to Day 1 after 8 a.m.

    Contact your hiring manager if:

    • You have questions about your schedule, outside of the scheduled New Hire Orientation and Hospital or Ambulatory Orientation sessions.

    We look forward to having you join us.

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