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Multiple Sclerosis

The Virginia Mason Multiple Sclerosis Clinic, in Seattle and Federal Way, Wash., is highly experienced in the evaluation and treatment of people with multiple sclerosis (MS) and related disorders. The MS team provides care to the whole patient, addressing neurological, physical, psychological and nutritional needs. The benefit of having multiple specialties working together is that patients with suspected MS receive a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation. Results are obtained quickly to form a treatment plan as soon as possible. They provide a compassionate environment for all patients, and act as an education resource to patients, caregivers, health professionals and the public. The care team actively conducts clinical research and participate in a number of clinical trials related to the causes, control and treatment of MS.

Virginia Mason's MS care team sees patients at Virginia Mason Seattle (Lindeman Pavilion, Level 7), Monday through Friday, and at Virginia Mason Federal Way, on Mondays. To schedule an appointment for either location, please call the Virginia Mason Multiple Sclerosis Clinic at (206) 341-0420.  

Your MS Care Team

Although you may share some common experiences with others who have multiple sclerosis (MS), we realize that you have your own unique needs. At the Virginia Mason Multiple Sclerosis Clinic, in Seattle, Wash., we bring together a multi-disciplinary group of MS specialists under one roof to listen to and address your needs:

Your MS Visit

At Virginia Mason's Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Clinic, in Seattle, we provide initial and second opinion evaluations for MS and related disorders. If you are newly diagnosed you will be provided with a flexible first year action plan that is tailored to your unique needs. For those with established MS, our annual well care visit allows us to keep a pulse on your MS and keep you informed of new therapies, resources and research. If you are experiencing a new relapse, we provide timely urgent care assessments in our Emergency MS clinic.

For more information about MS evaluations and treatment plans at Virginia Mason, contact the Multiple Sclerosis Clinic at (206) 341-1900.

Frequently Asked Questions About MS

What is MS, how is it diagnosed, and what can you do about it? Read our frequently asked questions about MS.

MS Additional Services

Additional services utilized by many of our MS patients are available at Virginia Mason's Hospital and Seattle Medical Center and many of our regional medical centers:

For more information about MS evaluations and treatment plans at Virginia Mason, contact the Multiple Sclerosis Center by calling (206) 341-1900.