Hyperbaric Medicine Appointments

All patients need a referral before making an appointment with our hyperbaric medicine physicians. You can ask your doctor for a referral or direct them to the information below.

The Center for Hyperbaric Medicine is located at Virginia Mason's Hospital and Seattle Medical Center. We offer free parking for patients receiving hyperbaric therapy, and discounts on local hotels to make your visit as easy as possible. We also offer the option of having two treatments per day, and we're open on Saturday for patients who have already had their initial appointment. This means less travel and faster healing.

Radiation Injuries and Other Non-Emergency Condition

Once you have a referral, please call us at (206) 583-6543 to arrange a consultation with one of our physicians.

Emergency Patients

Please call Virginia Mason's 24/7 Admissions Center at (206) 341-1141 and see our emergency hyperbaric referral instructions.

Location Information

Image: Map of Virginia Mason's Seattle Campus

Parking locations and information