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About the I-5 Construction Delays
The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) will be replacing expansion joints on I-5, between Spokane Street and the I-90 Interchange, from August 10 to 29. This construction will mainly affect northbound traffic, throughout the day and during peak travel hours. Traffic congestion is expected to be significant, with construction reducing the freeway to two to three lanes of its normal five-lane capacity. WSDOT anticipates I-405 and SR-99 will be popular alternative routes and will likely be heavily congested as well.

Suggestions for Arriving On Time
During this time, we suggest that you plan ahead for your travel to Virginia Mason by mapping alternative driving routes before leaving home. Several alternative routes, maps and other means of transportation are listed below:

  • Airport Way, 4th Ave. South, 1st Ave. South and E. Marginal Way
  • Airport Way will open to transit, vanpool and truck traffic.
  • The Sounder Train will allow standing.
  • The West Seattle Water Taxi will increase runs.

 Alternate Surface Street Routes

 Alternate Highway Routes



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