Leukemia and Lymphoma

Leukemia is a cancer that usually involves the white blood cells, which are produced by the body's bone marrow. There are several types of leukemia and it is vital for patients to receive an accurate diagnosis so that their treatment is appropriate for the type they have. Hodgkins and non-Hodgkins lymphoma are two other cancers that also affect the body's immune system and compromise a person's ability to fight infection. As with leukemia, an accurate diagnosis is critical so that a patient receives the right type of treatment.

Virginia Mason has an experienced team of physicians and other healthcare professionals who are skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of leukemia and lymphoma. Every patient is assessed by a multidisciplinary team that includes a hematologist, who is a physician specializing in blood disorders, and a pathologist, who is an expert in the progression of diseases, along with specialists in stem cell transplants and geneticists, who look at hereditary factors. Together, this team develops a unique plan of treatment for each patient that addresses the particular aspects of his or her disease. This team will then carefully follow the patient from diagnosis through treatment and recovery.

State-of-the-Art Leukemia and Lymphoma Treatment

Radiation, chemotherapy and bone-marrow transplants are all options in the treatment of leukemia and lymphoma. With an accurate diagnosis and targeted treatment plan, patients have a good chance of recovering and getting on with their lives. Attentive follow-up is done to ensure the continued health and wellness of all leukemia and lymphoma patients.

Rapid Response and Personal Guidance

Most leukemia and lymphoma patients will be seen the same day they call for an appointment. And a cancer care coordinator will be quickly assigned to answer questions and coordinate treatment. This person is with each patient every step of the way — from diagnosis through treatment and recovery.

Wellness and Rehabilitation

Patient needs are continually assessed and addressed to minimize the effect of leukemia and lymphoma on overall health and happiness. We enhance our patients' quality of life — in treatment and recovery — through an emphasis on cancer wellness and rehabilitation, including recommendations and support for nutrition and exercise.

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