Learn Online: Contract Workers

Important - If you are a patient care contract worker, click here to access Myles.

If you are a non-patient care contract worker:

  1. Talk with your manager to determine whether you need to take any of the Role Required courses in addition to the Fit For Duty courses.
  2. Click the link for a course or checklist that you need to complete.
  3. Complete the course or checklist.
  4. Print the Certificate of Completion when it appears. There will be a print button next to the certificate.
  5. Start the next course your manager wants you to complete.
  6. Once finished with your courses, give the printed completion certificates and checklist to your manager.



Fit for Duty Course Links

Fit For Duty courses must be completed by all who wish to work with Virginia Mason.

Infection Prevention Module

Patient Rights Module

Personal Safety and Security Module

Protecting Patient Privacy Module, Policy and Agreement

Responsible Use of System Module, Policies and Guidelines?

Safety Live Checklist:

Workplace Safety:

Other Course Links

The courses below must be completed by some who work with Virginia Mason depending on their role.

These should be completed after the Fit for Duty courses.

For further assistance call (206) 223-6757.