Internal Medicine Residency Tracks

“We will train you to be an exceptional physician. You will become one by practicing and providing exceptional care. The care you provide in the program where you train will undoubtedly impact the care that you provide in your future career. Since we know that variation exists in health care, it is imperative that you know the important clinical outcomes associated with your future residency program, because you will mirror those outcomes.”

There are three pathways to choose, each allowing the resident to meet the mission of the Virginia Mason Internal Medicine Residency program to create tailored experiences, develop exceptional physicians, fulfilled individuals and innovative leaders.

Categorical Track
This is a traditional internal medicine residency program. Residents spend time in both inpatient and outpatient rotations. You can talk with rotation coordinators to help structure the rotations to your ultimate career goals.

Primary Care Track
The primary care track was designed in line with the residency’s mission to prepare residents to become excellent physicians. As career pathways develop, residents may transfer in or out of the primary care track, usually prior to schedules being set for second or third year. Individualizing the residency experience is a core mission of the program.

Leadership in Quality Improvement Pathway
The Leadership in Quality Improvement Pathway was designed in line with the residency’s mission to prepare residents to become innovative leaders in health care. The pathway takes advantage of the internationally-renowned Virginia Mason Production System to train residents in rigorous quality improvement methodology, leadership, and change management through one-on-one coaching and mentorship.