How to Get Appointed for COVID-19 Vaccination

Vaccination Helpline – Virginia Mason now has a COVID-19 vaccination helpline (206) 341-0985 staffed by team members available to assist individuals with immunization-related questions or needs.

This resource is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Due to current demand for assistance, we anticipate long hold times and appreciate your patience.

Common needs the helpline can assist with include:

  • Waitlist questions
  • Assistance with scheduling first doses
  • Assistance with scheduling second doses (ONLY for those who already received their first dose from Virginia Mason Medical Center)
  • Vaccine registration information changes (e.g., email address or cell phone)
  • Questions about the vaccine that are not available on

Virginia Mason Franciscan Health will only provide a second dose to those who have already received their first dose from Virginia Mason Medical Center; help line team members cannot add patients to the waitlist or assist with scheduling an appointment for a second dose of the vaccine if the patient has not received a first dose.

Step One: Identify Your Phase

  • Individuals under age 65 should first visit the Washington State Department of Health’s (DOH) website to self-attest and determine eligibility.
  • Under current DOH guidelines, individuals in Phase 1A (health care workers, high-risk first responders and people living in congregate living facilities) and Phase 1B Tier 1 (people 65+ and people 50+ living in a multigenerational household as defined by are eligible to be vaccinated.
  • The website also asks people to submit their name and contact information, which is kept private and only used by the DOH for contact purposes.
  • Should a person choose to provide their contact information, the DOH will notify them when they are eligible. Notifications will include information about area vaccination clinics and provide updates to the criteria that may affect their eligibility.
  • Unless they provided contact information, individuals should feel free to visit and repeat this process in two to four weeks to see if they have become eligible.

Step Two: Register for Virginia Mason’s COVID-19 Vaccine Wait List

  • Once patients or community members determine they are eligible, they are invited to register on our COVID-19 Vaccine Wait List.
  • Virginia Mason is vaccinating eligible individuals from our wait list as quickly as possible. These vaccination opportunities include those offered at select Virginia Mason sites and as part of large-scale immunization events, similar to those held in partnership with Amazon at its large meeting center in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood.
  • Important notes regarding the wait list:
    • Individuals do not need to be Virginia Mason patients to register.
    • If someone does not have a computer, smart phone or other internet-enabled device, clinic staff can help them register.
    • Virginia Mason will periodically email everyone on our COVID-19 vaccine wait list to confirm they are registered, make sure they know the list is large, that we are sending invitations based on vaccine supply, and that we appreciate people’s continued patience as we work through significant volumes of patients and community members who have signed up to receive a vaccination appointment at one of our sites.

Step Three: Scheduling a Vaccination Appointment

  • Each week, as soon as we have confirmation of additional vaccine supply, Virginia Mason will send scheduling invitations to individuals on the wait list, which is most often an email from with a unique link.
  • When individuals schedule their immunizations, they will be able to select from currently available days, times and clinic locations.
  • There is no need to register multiple times since we invite individuals based on their Phase eligibility and wait-list position, not selected location or home ZIP code.
  • Given the inconsistent nature of vaccine supply, we cannot accurately predict when individuals will receive their invitation.
  • Nor can we guarantee that all eligible household members will receive invitations at the same time, although we are doing our best to allow eligible members of the same household to schedule their appointments at or near the same time.
  • When individuals receive an invitation, they are encouraged to schedule their vaccination at the most convenient location available and not try to hold out for something closer to home.
  • Note: Team members at Virginia Mason’s vaccination clinics cannot schedule, modify or cancel immunization appointments for patients or community members. Scheduling is maintained by a central team.
  • Individuals who are scheduled for vaccination receive an email from Virginia Mason confirming their appointment time. The email contains a QR code, which people bring with them – in electronic or printed form – to check in. It is crosschecked and confirmed as part of the check-in process.
  • If someone does not have a computer, smart phone or other internet-enabled device, clinic staff can help them register.

Step Four: Get Vaccinated

  • Once scheduled, individuals should show up at their appointed day, time and location.
  • People must bring government-issued identification (to verify name and age) and, if they are under age 65, their confirmation message, screenshot or print out showing they meet Washington State Department of Health (DOH) eligibility criteria.
  • Once a person receives the first dose, they will receive an email invitation to schedule their second dose within 48 hours.

This public health effort

Virginia Mason Franciscan Health has been – and will continue – working with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, DOH and private industry partners to host additional large-scale vaccination clinics throughout the Puget Sound region as more vaccine becomes available.

Large-scale vaccination clinics allow us to efficiently and safely immunize many people within a short period of time.

And since volunteer support is critical to our ability to continue vaccinating individuals, we owe a huge debt of gratitude to all our volunteers.

We appreciate people’s participation, understanding and patience as Virginia Mason Franciscan Health continues its active involvement in this massive public health effort.

More details and updates

For current updates from the DOH, visit