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Hip Replacement

Virginia Mason orthopedic surgeons routinely perform hip replacement surgery and are recognized among the top 5 percent of providers in the nation performing this surgery. Our orthopedic surgeons specialize in:

  • Partial hip replacements
  • Bilateral hip replacements
  • Resurfacing of the hip joint
  • Revision or repair of previously implanted hip joints

Candidates for hip replacement are usually middle age or older, and experiencing limitations in their daily activities because of pain and loss of function. More than 300,000 hip replacements are performed in the United States every year, a figure that is expected to rise with the aging of the population. Virginia Mason surgeons perform more than 400 hip replacements annually.

To schedule an appointment to speak with an orthopedic surgeon about hip replacement surgery, call (206) 341-3000.

The Virginia Mason Difference in Anesthesiology

Total joint replacement can be one of the most painful surgeries when traditional methods of pain control are used. At Virginia Mason, however, physicians are using new approaches. The anesthesia delivered to hip replacement patients is designed to promote a faster recovery with fewer complications.

The ability of Virginia Mason anesthesiologists to keep joint replacement patients comfortable is evident in patient satisfaction scores for pain control in the 99th percentile on our inpatient unit.

The Hip Replacement Device

A traditional hip replacement consists of four parts:

  1. A metal socket shell
  2. A socket liner
  3. A new "ball" to replace the head of the thigh bone (femur)
  4. A stem that secures the ball within the thigh bone

These components are comprised of state-of-the-art materials such as titanium alloy, cobalt-chrome alloy, ceramic or polyethylene plastic.

The ball is connected to the stem with a special taper junction giving the surgeon more flexibility in determining the right fit for each patient. Your surgeon will choose the device that best meets your needs based on your own unique anatomy and the degree of degeneration in your joint.

Peer Partners

Virginia Mason's Peer Partners is a unique program of support for hospitalized patients. Volunteers who have been through similar situations visit with patients and their families to answer questions and assist with non-medical concerns. Peer Partners can also help caregivers understand how to best provide care and support when a patient returns home.

Questions About Hip Replacement Surgery?

Find answers to your questions about hip replacement from the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS) or schedule a consultation with a Virginia Mason orthopedic surgeon by calling (206) 341-3000.