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Comprehensive Hepatitis C Clinic

More than five million Americans are living with chronic hepatitis C. If you have been diagnosed with this condition, you may be at higher risk for cirrhosis, liver failure and liver cancer.

At the Virginia Mason Comprehensive Hepatitis C Clinic, our highly skilled hepatology team delivers personalized, multidisciplinary care with a focus on achieving a cure for hepatitis C, promoting liver health, and improving quality of life.

The Hepatitis C Clinic team provides comprehensive diagnosis, evaluation and treatment for patients with all stages of chronic hepatitis C. Team members include clinic director Blaire Burman, MD, Asma Siddique, MDChia Wang, MD, as well as dedicated nurses, clinical support staff and clinical research coordinators.

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Curing Chronic Hepatitis C

Over half of those infected with hepatitis C are undiagnosed and unaware of this chronic infection. Complications of hepatitis C, including cirrhosis, liver failure, and liver cancer, are expected to peak over the next several decades.

Diagnosis of hepatitis C is more important than ever, as dramatically improved treatments are now available with nearly 100 percent chance of cure. Hepatitis C eradication prevents progression of liver disease and associated complications, improves life expectancy, and quality of life.

When our patients commit to hepatitis C therapy, we monitor them closely for treatment efficacy and tolerability. We have had great success in curing the vast majority of our patients with minimal side effects.

Why choose Virginia Mason's Hepatitis C Clinic?

What should you expect during your Hepatitis C Clinic visit?

During your first visit to the Virginia Mason Hepatitis C Clinic you can expect:

  • Evaluation of your medical history and a physical exam
  • Your physician will determine whether you need further blood work or imaging to determine how your hepatitis C should be treated
  • An ultrasound, abdominal CT or MRI scan may be used to evaluate liver anatomy and to screen for complications of cirrhosis, including portal hypertension and liver cancers
  • A liver biopsy may be needed to determine the degree of liver fibrosis or scarring. At the Virginia Mason Hepatitis C Clinic, we offer the use of FibroScan, a non-invasive alternative to liver biopsy that can be performed painlessly in 10 minutes

Ongoing Clinical Care

All patients with advanced liver scarring or cirrhosis require ongoing, close clinical care. We offer cutting-edge hepatitis C therapy and lifelong disease management, including liver cancer surveillance, upper endoscopy to screen for esophageal varices and complications of portal hypertension, and colonoscopy.

Once the activity and stage of your hepatitis C is determined, your provider will create a treatment plan that is right for you and has the highest likelihood of curing this infection.

To make an appointment or request more information, please call (206) 223-2319 or contact us online (link to new contact form).