Headache Prevention

Sometimes the way to prevent a headache is a matter of simple self-care. Here are some of the more common ways to help curb many kinds of headaches.

  • Beware of medication overuse — Frequent use of over-the-counter headache medicines can actually lead to more frequent and painful headaches. Part of effective headache treatment involves tapering patients off these medicines.
  • Identify your headache triggers — If you suspect a pattern in the way headaches occur, try keeping a headache diary to track details about the episodes, including:
    • What you were doing
    • What you ate or drank
    • Your stress level
    • How long the headache lasted
  • Understand and manage stress — Stress is one of the most common headache triggers. You can't always avoid stress, but most people can learn simple strategies that work to help neutralize stressful feelings.
  • Reduce caffeine — It's true that some headache medicines contain caffeine, but too much of it can also bring on headaches.
  • Eat regular meals — Going through your day "on empty" can set the stage for a headache.
  • Get some exercise — Not only does physical activity improve mental and physical well-being, it is known to reduce headache-causing stress levels.

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