Headache Clinic

Woman suffering from headaches.

Most people get headaches from time to time. But when they are frequent and severe enough to interfere with daily life, specific treatment is needed to bring them under control.

The Virginia Mason Headache Clinic, in Federal Way, Washington, specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of recurring headaches with a proven approach aimed at prevention.

The goal of the Headache Clinic team is to improve the quality of life of headache sufferers with a care plan that relies on evidenced-based medicine, avoids unnecessary testing and achieves the highest level of satisfaction for patients. 

Anyone who is experiencing headaches that disrupt daily activities or notices a change in their headache pattern should call the clinic for an easy phone evaluation: (253) 874-1601, option "0". After patients answer a few questions our clinic team will offer a same-day or next-day appointment at the Headache Clinic, or recommend another treatment course based on individual symptoms. Get customized directions to Virginia Mason Federal Way Medical Center.

Types of Headaches Treated

The clinic uses specialized diagnostic guidelines to identify headache type, which can include:

  • Tension headaches — Pain is usually mild to moderate, but can be disruptive if they occur too frequently.
  • Migraine — Pain is typically moderate to severe and pulsating. Untreated, a migraine can last hours or days. The vast majority of disabling headaches not caused by an underlying condition are migraines.
  • Cluster headaches — Very rare, intense headaches that come on in cyclical patterns, or "clusters." Bouts of cluster headaches may last from weeks to months, but treatment can shorten attacks and reduce pain.
  • Chronic daily headaches — Can be tension or migraine, with treatment focusing on prevention. Patients will be carefully evaluated to rule out an underlying condition and headache medication overuse, a common cause of recurring headaches.