Head and Neck Cancer Care Team

Meet Our Head and Neck Cancer Nurse Coordinator

Hailey Long, RN

Hailey Long, RN
Head and Neck Cancer Nurse Coordinator
(206) 341-0675

Head and neck cancer care at Virginia Mason, in Seattle, is delivered through a comprehensive, multidisciplinary specialty team, dedicated to excellence in clinical care, education and research. To make an appointment or request more information, contact our head and neck cancer nurse coordinator, Hailey Long, RN, by calling (206) 341-0675.

Virginia Mason in Seattle offers a comprehensive approach to the treatment of head and neck cancers, such as tongue cancer, tonsil cancer, larynx cancer, throat cancer and others, from early detection to the latest in cancer treatment. As such, you will be treated by a team of dedicated specialists that coordinates your care from the moment you walk in the door.

Members of your Head and Neck Cancer Team include:

Head and Neck and Reconstructive Surgery Team

Your surgeon has a special expertise in state-of-the-art therapies for head and neck cancer including conservation surgeries and advanced microvascular reconstruction techniques. (See Treatment of Head and Neck Cancer )

Medical Oncologists

Your oncologists trained in the use of chemotherapy and other drug therapies for fighting cancer. Chemotherapy can be used in combination with surgery and/or radiation therapy to treat head and neck cancer. In addition, Virginia Mason regularly participates in large cooperative cancer trials sponsored by the National Cancer Institute, making new therapies, and new combinations of therapies available to patients.

Radiation Oncologists

Your radiation oncologist uses radiation to treat head and neck cancer. Virginia Mason’s Section of Radiation Oncology also is actively involved in new clinical trials for treating cancer.


Head and neck imaging is a subspecialty of diagnostic radiology devoted to the imaging diagnosis of disorders of the head and neck. Imaging plays a vital role in the initial diagnosis, follow-up evaluation, and surveillance of head and neck cancer patients.


This physician examines slides of biopsy and surgical specimens under a microscope and makes the definitive diagnosis regarding the presence or absence of cancer. The pathologist also provides important information, such as cancer type, stage and adequacy of excision, and marker profile, which guides the treatment decisions of your surgeon, radiation oncologist and medical oncologist.

Speech Pathologist

Some forms of head and neck cancer surgery may result in alterations in a person’s ability to talk or swallow. In these situations, working with the speech pathologist on exercises and strategies to improve the ability to communicate or swallow will be a part of your treatment plan.

Clinical Services Representative (CSR)

Your CSR will help facilitate and coordinate your appointments and testing in a timely manner. This individual also guides you through scheduling and preparing for an operation.

Oncology Social Workers

Your oncology social worker offers psychosocial support and is a resource for services available online and in the community.