Graduate Medical Education Program

Sarita Mahtani, MD provides care at Pike Market Medical Clinic.
Sarita Mahtani, MD provides care at the Pike Market Medical Clinic.

Virginia Mason physicians and internal medicine residents serve the community by caring for patients at several clinics that provide care for various underserved patient populations - including the homeless, uninsured, working poor and underinsured. The physicians and residents expand the ability of these community clinics - Eastgate and North Public Health, Pike Market, Carolyn Downs - to provide care to these vulnerable patient groups.


One Virginia Mason doctor serving in the community clinics is Sarita Mahtani, MD. Dr. Mahtani, a third-year internal medicine resident at Virginia Mason, has been seeing patients at the Pike Market Medical Clinic a half day a week for two years. In her practice there she cares for a wide variety of patients.


"It is both similar to and different from working at Virginia Mason," says Dr. Mahtani. "Patients here often have many difficulties and issues to deal with beyond what brought them in on a particular day. Many have chronic conditions, and I have been able to develop continuity with them long-term. I have several star patients who are highly motivated. We've developed a rapport."


Dr. Mahtani believes the experience has been a very important one for her. "It's very cool. I get to be creative, and it adds an additional layer to the residency experience. Also, I just believe that providing primary care to the underserved is very important."