Weight Loss Get Started Visit

weight loss candidate with doctor

When you're ready to move forward on your weight loss journey, schedule your "Get Started" visit with us.

The "Get Started" visit will start with some time for you to “Get Informed” about your options for weight loss care. Then, you will meet with a provider who spends time with you, whether virtually or in person, learning about the aspects of life contributing to your weight gain. Together, you and your provider will decide on an action plan, which may include:

  • Our dietitian to learn about food choices and calorie counting, nutrition for managing your health and nutritional counseling for managing lifestyle habits, setting goals and accountability
  • Our physical therapist if mobility is limited by weight
  • A mental health therapist who can evaluate emotional factors
  • An appointment to consider FDA approved weight loss medications
  • Gastroenterology if interested in the gastric balloon or AspireAssist
  • Bariatric surgery program if interested in surgical procedures to promote weight loss

Your provider can also refer you to the YMCA, which offers many virtual and in-person activities including yoga, swimming, aerobics and diabetes prevention programs (DPP). If you choose to try medication or meal replacement, those can be prescribed to you. After your first visit, you will schedule a follow-up appointment to check your results.

Your "Get Started" visit is helpful if you are scheduled for a surgery like a total knee replacement, which requires some weight loss prior.


Our team is available virtually and in-person at multiple locations througout the Puget Sound area. Please contact us to schedule an appointment by calling (866) 832-6633.

Prepare for your Welcome Visit

Please complete the Getting Started Questionnaire, and bring it to your visit. In your Get Started visit you and provider will review these aspects of your health:

  • Readiness to change assessment
  • Inventory of your health history
  • Screening for sleep apnea (the Epworth Sleepiness Scale)
  • Screening your health-related quality of life (PROMIS-10)

If you been screened for diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol you can request outside records for our review, or bring the results with you. If you haven’t had this screening, we’ll take care of it at your appointment.

The information you provide will help us develop the best weight loss plan for you.

Before the visit, learn more about your weight loss options.

The more you know, the more specific advice we can give. Learn more about what we offer.

At the end of your appointment, you have choices to help you be ready to start your journey.

You will leave the appointment with a plan tailored to your weight loss needs. This may include a comprehensive lifestyle support program, or appointments to discuss medications or other procedures that best meet your needs and goals.

Get Started.

To setup a welcome appointment call,

(866) 832-6633