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Modern Healthcare announced this year’s "100 Most Powerful People in Healthcare" in its sixth annual listing, including Gary S. Kaplan, MD, Chairman and CEO of Virginia Mason Medical Center. Following is an excerpt from the article:

Gary Kaplan debuts on the list this year at No. 66 after seven years as chairman and CEO of Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle. A practicing internist, Kaplan has led efforts in recent years to take what he describes as a "team medicine" approach, modeled after the world-renowned Toyota Production System approach, for eliminating medical errors and waste in the system.

"We have as you know major challenges in the healthcare system in this country – the underserved and uninsured and how do we fund them, the need for a coordinated, national approach to high-quality medicine for all Americans, and how do you pay for that?" Kaplan says. "I think one way is by taking waste out of the existing system … We've been willing to step out and say much of what we do is wasteful and it doesn’t have value for patients. And if it doesn't have value for patients, we shouldn't be doing it."

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