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Virginia Mason is the first medical center in the Pacific Northwest to offer FibroScan. This non-invasive, pain-free scan is offered as a part of the internationally-renowned liver care available in the Digestive Disease Institute Liver Center of Excellence. Newly approved by the FDA, FibroScan detects the presence of fibrosis or cirrhosis with the same results as liver biopsy, but without the associated risks.

FibroScan has seen widespread clinical use around the world with well-validated results and can be useful for patients being tested for cirrhosis, fibrosis, Hepatitis B and/or Hepatitis C.

Benefits of FibroScan

  • Same results as liver biopsy but painless and non-invasive
  • Immediate results are available for physicians and patients
  • Offers a better chance at detecting cirrhosis and fibrosis than liver biopsy because of the ability to repeatedly test without adverse effects

What happens during a FibroScan exam?

A FibroScan exam involves lying on your back with your right arm raised behind your head. A clinician applies a water-based gel to your skin and places the FibroScan probe on your chest with slight pressure. The machine assesses the degree of liver fibrosis or “liver stiffness,” as the stiffer the liver, the more likely that fibrosis (scarring) exists. The exam takes 5-10 minutes and provides immediate results.

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