Family Life and Parenthood After Cancer

A cancer diagnosis not only affects you but also your family members and loved ones. From diagnosis through the balance of life and survivorship, the complexity of cancer can be overwhelming and cause difficulties for you and your family to return to everyday life while adjusting to the changes that result from the disease and treatment. Every survivor has different experiences, concerns and challenges but overall this can commonly cause stress physically, psychologically, and emotionally. As a result, other areas of life may be negatively impacted. Cancer survivors with young children or teens can experience increased anxiety and stress. It is important to understand how your children are thinking and feeling during this time. Recognizing these changes, and knowing how and when to ask for support, can help you through this period of transition and adjustment. Talk to your healthcare provider about support and resources that are available to you and your family.


Cancer Pathways

Cancer Lifeline (Seattle) 

Harmony Hill

American Cancer Society